Stories by Beverley Head

Heir Supply

Developing one or more strong succession candidates demonstrates that the incumbent CIO is concerned about the continuity of IT leadership and about protecting the company's technology investment.

Written by Beverley Head09 March 05 09:55

The Few and the Stressed

Rapid change, tight deadlines and heavy workloads are the workaday stuff of IT staff. They can also be a recipe for stress, even depression. How do CIOs manage the stress levels of their teams so they remain effective and on task?

Written by Beverley Head04 Feb. 05 11:12

Taking Out a Contract

Open the bottom drawer, blow the dust from those IT contracts and go searching for the demons and the diamonds that lurk within

Written by Beverley Head07 Dec. 04 13:16

Fresh Produce

Future proofing the business is a key challenge for CIOs. This third instalment in the Moraitis story finds the fruit and vegetable supplier piloting RFID and edging closer to the rollout of its new ERP platform, with one eye firmly fixed on the future

Written by Beverley Head09 Nov. 04 11:36

Sowing the Seeds

In Part One of this continuing series, CIO visited Moraitis and CIO Con Colovos in May with "Vegetable Soup(ed) Up". Colovos, with full executive support, had led the fruit and vegetable giant through the challenge of an extensive IT makeover - but there's much yet to do . . . Moraitis recently selected its new ERP system and now the team has until February next year to get phase one of the $3 million program up and running.

Written by Beverley Head10 Sept. 04 12:39

Captains Courageous?

Sages claim that in difficult situations both the meek and the brave know fear; how they respond distinguishes them . . .

Written by Beverley Head06 Aug. 04 09:51

Vegetable Soup(ed) Up

Meet Moraitis - a fruit and vegetable giant grappling with the challenges and opportunities of the information age.
Beverley Head finds out how a greengrocer takes a greenfield site and grows its IT network.

Written by Beverley Head08 June 04 12:34

Generation Flex

A revolution has taken place in the workplace over the last decade and it has profoundly affected employees. Beverley Head asks Bruce Tulgan what it means for CIOs

Written by Beverley Head07 April 04 12:11

Talking About My Generation

Four generations are now jockeying for position on the corporate racetrack. Which generation will deliver the best CIO?

Written by Beverley Head07 April 04 10:36

Learning to Let Go

Delegation is not about abdication or subjugation - done properly it is all about empowerment

Written by Beverley Head10 March 04 13:35

Consultant Anyone?

It was a dream run. For years, consultants had the ears of CXOs everywhere, whispering: ERP, CRM, change management, re-engineering . . . Not any more. Evolution will be a challenge for many consultancies, survival will be at stake for a few.

Written by Beverley Head06 Feb. 04 09:33

Girding for GRID

Promises abound when it comes to utility computing, but what about the practicalities and the politics?

Written by Beverley Head10 Nov. 03 12:43

Timing is Everything

Bleeding, leading and trailing edge technologies all have a part to play in the modern enterprise. But how does a CIO pick the right time to invest? The key to mastering innovation, say local experts, is to never fly too high without a safety net.

Written by Beverley Head08 Oct. 03 10:49

BI, CI, Oh!

It was a US job advertisement that piqued the interest: A financial services company in Virginia wanted a business information officer - a supercharged go-between to shuttle between the business unit and the technology group. Does Australia need someone similar? Beverley Head shuttles between the experts to find an answer.

Written by Beverley Head08 Oct. 03 09:38

Taking Maxwell to the IT

A lifetime spent working in information technology has left Mary Ann Maxwell with a deep insight into what works and what doesn't when it comes to meeting the information expectations of corporations

Written by Beverley Head11 Sept. 03 15:09