Stories by Beverley Head

Remote Control

Google should shoulder some responsibility for remote access to corporate information systems. Its Internet engines suggest it is possible to access anything anywhere anytime. If Google can do it, executives argue, why not rip down the walls on corporate information systems and let employees access them anytime anywhere too?

Written by Beverley Head09 Oct. 06 12:05

Banker Sours

In early 2002, the then chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), David Murray, set headlines ablaze with a blistering attack on information technology and the IT industry's ability to deliver on its promises.

Written by Beverley Head04 Aug. 06 14:56

Over But Not Out

For CIOs in their mid to late 50s "career is over" starts to take on a new meaning as the time comes to plan the descent from the career peaks. But true to form, these high-power men and women view their next step as simply a new beginning

Written by Beverley Head04 Aug. 06 14:46

Invasion of Privacy

Back in 2001 Peter Piper picked a pack of Privacy Principles, but thus far no one's found themselves in much of a pickle.

Written by Beverley Head07 July 06 16:05

Skill Bill (and Jill)

Depending on the view, the skills cup may be half full or half empty, but it never runneth over.

Written by Beverley Head05 June 06 09:36

Lonely at the Top?

It's a long climb to the top - and when you get there it can be lonely.

Written by Beverley Head05 June 06 09:00

Apocalypse Then

A Closer look at the lingering legacy of fixing the Y2K problem

Written by Beverley Head03 May 06 13:11

Innovation Rising

The innovation phoenix is stirring. The challenge for CIOs is to catch hold of its tail feathers.

Written by Beverley Head03 April 06 13:31

The Power Seat

You're already at the pointy end of the IT pyramid when you make CIO. But do you have real power - and if you do, how do you use it, share it, grow it and keep it?

Written by Beverley Head06 March 06 11:38

Eyes Everywhere

Business activity monitoring offers a constant watch on business processes

Written by Beverley Head07 Nov. 05 15:12

Up to the Challenge

Challenger Financial Services aims to be a bright star in the financial firmament. Effective information systems are its
greatest ally

Written by Beverley Head11 Oct. 05 09:32

Going for Broke

Insolvency is all around, but smart CIOs can spot the symptoms of failure before their companies become too sick to save

Written by Beverley Head08 Sept. 05 11:00


You can't always avoid an ambush - but you can generally learn from it.

Written by Beverley Head07 July 05 08:00

As You Like It

Consistency is not the hobgoblin of little minds; it is the essence of the multi-channel customer interface

Written by Beverley Head08 June 05 15:38

Stop Revive Survive

Effective CIOs know when a project needs to be marked 'not for resuscitation'

Written by Beverley Head05 April 05 09:48