Stories by Katherine Spencer Lee

6 Tips for Reinvigorating a Boring Job

If you're not ready to find a new job, try reviving the one that went stale. You'll gain a clearer sense of what inspires you to do your best work, as well as the conditions that drain you

Written by Katherine Spencer Lee03 Sept. 08 12:13

5 ways to make your company Gen Y-friendly

Facing a potential onslaught of baby boomer retirements and a smaller pool of Generation X employees to replace them, IT managers who want to create or sustain a Best Place to Work environment will need the additional help of another group of professionals: Generation Y. Also known as Millennials, this group consists of nearly 80 million individuals born roughly between 1979 and 1999. They are the workforce of the future.

Written by Katherine Spencer Lee27 June 08 09:54

Communicating with your boss: Tips for Generation Y

Like every generation, Gen Y is subject to its share of myths and stereotypes as it enters the IT workforce. Sometimes painted as privileged, technology-obsessed individuals who avoid face-to-face interaction, Millennial workers actually have many basic needs in common with their more experienced colleagues, including recognition, constructive feedback and a healthy relationship with one's boss. That said, there are some real differences in the communication styles of different generations.

Written by Katherine Spencer Lee29 April 08 12:27

Referring a Friend for a Job? First, Consider This

The employment referral process may seem simple on the surface, but it holds some serious consequences if mishandled, including damage to your professional reputation

Written by Katherine Spencer Lee25 June 08 12:45