Stories by Jerry Gregoire

The Manhattan Effect

I've been lucky enough to live, work and hang out in both Manhattans - as in New York and Kansas - which makes me kind of an expert on how you can tell the difference between the two.

Written by Jerry Gregoire06 March 07 12:27

The Vanishing IT Department

What's killing many IT departments is not talent shortages or offshore outsourcing. As one long-time CIO argues, it's laziness and lowered expectations

Written by Jerry Gregoire12 July 04 13:01

Life Among the Seriously Bored

I'm a member in good standing of the Rolodex Club. Here's how you can tell if you are a member. The phone rings, and there's a recruiter on the line. You know how the call goes

Written by Jerry Gregoire08 July 02 10:45

The Hardest Job in IT

CIO Observer - Viewing the world without spin.
A person could get shot for saying this, but chief information officer is not the hardest job in information technology. Technology sales is harder.

Written by Jerry Gregoire11 June 02 11:00

How To Play Your CFO Like a Fiddle

According to the handbook Karma For Dummies, a CIO who has been evil, cowardly or prone to signing outsourcing agreements in this life is condemned to spend the next as a bean counter. Justice indeed.

Written by Jerry Gregoire05 Feb. 02 12:36