Stories by Louise Fickel


To streamline customer service, Marconi employed a system to facilitate knowledge sharing among its tech support personnel. In the process, the roles of tech agents changed dramatically

Written by Louise Fickel16 Nov. 01 10:00

Customer Self-Service: Power to the People

Predicting what will appeal to customers can be tricky. When it comes to knowing what the customer wants, there's no better authority than the customer himself.

Written by Louise Fickel08 Sept. 00 09:22

Window Seat

Web site personalisation software helps American Airlines give its customers a more tailored view of the airline

Written by Louise Fickel11 Aug. 00 14:00

Writing the Book of Life

Researchers worldwide are struggling to sequence the human genome, and their success depends as much on IT as it does on science

Written by Louise Fickel28 Feb. 00 10:29

Know Your Customer

Intimacy, relationships, one-to-one - it's a giant lovefest out there.

Written by Louise Fickel20 Sept. 99 09:28

Bid Business

When Weirton Steel Corp., a US$ 1.5 billion steel company based in West Virginia, wanted to attract more customers, it tried something a little different. The steel giant turned to an online auction site on the Internet ( to sell excess inventory and promptly doubled its customer base.

Written by Louise Fickel22 June 99 13:32

Working Smart

Airborne Freight's Call Centre Management System

Written by Louise Fickel20 April 99 14:01