Stories by Linda Kennedy

Ciao, CIO

Whew. Deep breath. Looking at this blank page I just realized that the next 500 or so words I write will be my last ones for this magazine because I’m moving on

Written by Linda Kennedy05 Sept. 08 11:35

You Could've Been in Pictures

Once again I find myself on the road, this time with an itinerary that started with the long haul from Sydney to Finland by way of Singapore and Frankfurt - all of which translated to some 36 hours of time spent in the air and airport lounges

Written by Linda Kennedy01 July 08 10:59

The Confidence Game

Psst. Hey you. Yes, you. Over here. How about sending me a heap of personal information?

Written by Linda Kennedy07 March 08 12:27

A Tale of Two Call Centres

Happy belated 2008. Holidays are over. School's back. Traffic sucks. The weeks off were not only welcome but refreshing, although I must admit there was the odd day or two that saw my "peace on earth, good will to men" disposition - well, shall we say - lacking

Written by Linda Kennedy04 Feb. 08 13:18

How Green Is My Valley - Not

At the risk of incurring the wrath of some 100 plus members of the Greed Grid consortium and hundreds, if not thousands, of pundits, consultants, analysts and other purveyors of expertise, I have to ask a question: Does anyone else agree with me that Green IT may be the biggest non-event of 2007?

Written by Linda Kennedy10 Dec. 07 14:37

That Was the Year That Wasn't

Since early October I've fielded at least a couple of calls a week from various PR people asking if I plan to do a year in review feature in my last issue of 2007

Written by Linda Kennedy05 Nov. 07 14:53

Weary Traveller

I write this having just arrived on the US east coast after spending 24 hours on planes and in airports. I'm a tired and uninspired (in truth, jet-lagged and brain-dead would be more accurate) so this will be short if not particularly sweet

Written by Linda Kennedy02 Oct. 07 15:33

FUD 2.0

Last week I fired my entire staff. Why? Because - all evidence aside - they are obviously a bunch of slackers. I know it's true - even if my own eyes tell me otherwise - because there's research to prove it. An excess of research, in fact

Written by Linda Kennedy03 Sept. 07 14:52

Woe the Mid-Market CIO?

I have a suspicion that life's not exactly a holiday on Primrose Lane for a fair few mid-market CIOs these days

Written by Linda Kennedy06 Aug. 07 14:40

Blog: Dancing With the Tsars

Welcome to my blog. And no, this doesn't find me polishing my black leather boots in anticipation of doing some Yank-Aussie hybrid of Cossack dancing. Largely because it's been a decade or more since my knees have cooperated in any kind of deep bending, and I have little doubt that a high kick — or even a mid-kick — would find me immediately in traction

Written by Linda Kennedy27 July 07 14:23

King Coles

If CIO magazine named a "Person of the Year" in the tradition of <I>Time</I> magazine I had my dead-cert 2007 winner picked in early June. And you'd probably be surprised that he's not a CIO

Written by Linda Kennedy05 July 07 09:49

Measure for Measure

Spend the better part of the day with someone, and you tend to get a measure of them

Written by Linda Kennedy05 June 07 10:00

The State of the CIO Is Just Fine, Thank You

So do you want the good news, the not-so-good news or the bad news first? Okay, I'll decide for you - let's kick off with the good news, which is plentiful. More of you are reporting to the CEO than in any previous year

Written by Linda Kennedy07 May 07 14:01