Stories by John Moore

Channel partners poised to help enterprises build software-defined networks

Enterprises replacing legacy network infrastructure are increasingly turning to software-defined networks, which can automate an entire network fabric. Having helped hosting companies and academic institutions, a variety of resellers, system integrators and consultancies are ready to bring SDN to the enterprise.

Written by John Moore15 Jan. 13 14:19

Cloud Service Brokerages Emerge As New Integrators

A cloud service brokerage serves as an intermediary between you and your cloud service provider by aggregating multiple cloud services, integrating then with in-house apps and customizing them to meet your needs. See how this new breed of IT service provider is changing the cloud landscape.

Written by John Moore10 Dec. 12 15:31's Complexity Brings CIOs, Partners Together

As's SaaS offerings become more sophisticated, configuration and deployment gets more complex. In response, enterprises are increasingly turning to partners for implementation help.

Written by John Moore14 Nov. 12 19:44

Videoconferencing Comes to Drexel University

The Philadelphia university's work with a systems integrator illustrates a shift in the audiovisual market. As readily available, wireless-ready projectors and cameras move from the boardroom to the conference room and the corporate network, AV vendors are finally bringing the conversation to the CIO before implementation occurs.

Written by John Moore15 Oct. 12 14:08

Channel partners make virtual desktop infrastructure a reality

Implementing VDI strategy requires expertise that many organizations lack. To reap virtual desktop benefits that include cost savings and better security, many IT pros turn to system integrators, resellers and other service providers to set up the VDI and make sure IT staff know how to make the most of it.

Written by John Moore29 Aug. 12 15:15

Businesses fill Hadoop skills needs with partners

Enterprises are adopting Hadoop faster than they can hire IT talent to build and maintain these distributed computing deployments. To fill the gap, many are turning to partners that can offer a mix of Hadoop consulting, software development and training services.

Written by John Moore26 July 12 19:46

How IT leaders can negotiate a SaaS partner contract

All companies great and small will eventually work with a SaaS provider. In most cases, the standard contract should suffice, but CIOs will never know what they can add (or subtract) if they don't ask.

Written by John Moore10 July 12 14:11