Stories by C G Lynch

Managing Privacy in a Web 2.0 World

Working with 14 partners in Europe, IBM will work on the three-year project, called PrimeLife, from its lab in Zurich. Privacy experts say the program will focus on individuals managing their identity across social networks and other online communities

Written by C G Lynch31 March 08 14:21

IT Value Methodologies: Do They Work?

Three experts weigh in on whether IT Value Methodologies can help a CIO's never-ending quest to prove IT's worth.

Written by C G Lynch18 Dec. 07 11:50

Blogs Clean Up Project Management Messes

Too many enterprise users get lost in storms of reply-all e-mails while trying to manage projects or collaborate. Blogs make a better answer.

Written by C G Lynch11 Dec. 07 13:07

How to Sniff Out a Staff Uprising and What to Do About It

Feeling out of the loop, not quite in control? You might not be paranoid. Read about five warning signs that the staff in your IT department could be planning a coup d'etat-and three tactics to deal with the situation.

Written by C G Lynch24 Aug. 07 15:27

How to Stab Your Boss in the Back

Think you can do a better job than your out-of-touch manager? Trying to oust him is a career move fraught with risk, but it can be done if you heed these five steps

Written by C G Lynch31 July 07 14:36

Stop the Presses

The newspaper business is bad and getting worse. The Web is stealing the industry's readers, advertisers, revenues and even its enthusiasm for the business. But as newspapers struggle to respond, lessons for other industries confronting disruptive technologies are emerging

Written by C G Lynch03 July 07 11:45

Why You Should Collaborate

The best ideas for your business might come from someone who doesn't even work for you. That's the contention made by author and consultant Don Tapscott in his newest book, <i>Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything</i>. Tapscott, along with co-author Anthony Williams (who teaches at the London School of Economics), believes that the pervasiveness of the Internet will usher in an era where companies will lower their proprietary barriers and collaborate to foster greater innovation. As people employ instant messaging, blogs, wikis and other Web-based applications to communicate and develop ideas, Tapscott believes the Internet will become a platform on which companies will be forced to seek external talent in order to solve their greatest challenges.

Written by C G Lynch27 Feb. 07 10:51

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Productivity has been increasing steadily for years and CIOs think IT deserves a lot of the credit. But proving that hasn't been easy.
That's where MIT's Erik Brynjolfsson comes in

Written by C G Lynch03 May 06 12:59