Stories by Mitch De Felice

Is the patient the cure to AI healthcare ills?

The expectations of big data and artificial intelligence disrupting the medical industry has been less then impressive to date. Why is that?

Written by Mitch De Felice18 April 16 21:02

Blog: Will your Company "Sparkle" in 2008? The State of Semantic Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has kicked off 2008 with publishing two significant Semantic Web specifications in the month of January. The first is the query language specification, SPARQL (pronounced, "sparkle") and the Ontology Language for Web (OWL) 1.1. One could argue the computer science industry is in the midst of the biggest shift in software development in the past fifty years.

Written by Mitch De Felice29 Jan. 08 12:58