Stories by Lee Pender

The 5 Keys to Supply Chain Success

Get it right, and supply chain software can bring order of magnitude savings in the way you plan, make and ship products. Get one piece of it wrong and it will break you.

Written by Lee Pender06 Sept. 01 11:00

Hard Times are the Best Times

No matter how precious the dollars, the companies that continue to look for new ways to do business are the companies that succeed

Written by Lee Pender04 Sept. 01 11:00

IT versus Marketing

How to end the war and profit from the new relationship.

Written by Lee Pender10 Aug. 01 09:00

Faster, Cheaper ERP

McCullough, the former CIO of Delta Air Lines, found himself reshaping his new company's IT infrastructure without the benefit of a large budget or staff.

Written by Lee Pender25 May 01 15:31

Now They're Cooking!

When IT and corporate see eye-to-eye, it's a recipe for alignment success. In this story:
Discover how alignment can help a company run smoothly
Learn the philosophies of an aligned organisation
Understand what executives expect in an aligned company

Written by Lee Pender02 Feb. 01 13:15

How to communicate value

Translating IT value into business terms requires constant chats across corporate aisles. It means that every project fits into the company's game plan

Written by Lee Pender24 Jan. 01 13:59

CRM from Scratch

Frustrated by the immaturity of current CRM applications? Build them yourself. Others have done it and done it well.

Written by Lee Pender31 Aug. 00 11:05

The Missing Link

Integrating ERP with e-commerce applications doesn't have to be a nightmare, but it depends on where you start

Written by Lee Pender11 Aug. 00 14:00