Stories by Lisa Yoon

The Small-Firm Path to CFO

Working at a little company can be a great way to advance to the large-company finance chief slot you want -- unless it isn't.

Written by Lisa Yoon23 Nov. 11 21:09

Confirmed at Last: CFOs Can't Do It All

Between striving to contribute strategic value to the company and running an efficient finance department, the finance chief is the Sisyphus of the C-suite. Just about every company activity involves finance, after all, which can make it seem as if a CFO's work indeed is never done.

Written by Lisa Yoon05 Oct. 11 13:26

Six ways to blow a negotiation

Masterful negotiation is among the most valuable skills of the C-level executive. Negotiation is a critical part of a finance chief's dealings, whether with vendors, customers, or other external business partners, or with colleagues. Moreover, negotiation skills can be invaluable in career-related conversations.

Written by Lisa Yoon19 Aug. 11 10:36