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Global Forum: Innovation creates opportunity, causes disruption

Geneva, Switzerland - The 23rd Global Forum, an annual policy and strategy conference for technology leaders, was held last week in the shadow of the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) modernist tower.

Written by Jay Gillette25 Nov. 14 04:42

Global Forum welcomes new era of open innovation

The historic industrial port city of Trieste hosted the 22nd Global Forum conference last week, where the focus was on innovation in information and communication technologies as catalysts for economic and community development. Invitation-only delegates this year came from 36 countries and international organizations such as the European Commission and the U.S. government, augmented by delegates from corporations and global government agencies.

Written by Jay Gillette04 Nov. 13 14:07

Smart City Winner: Taichung City, Taiwan

Taichung City, an emergent Taiwan city rising with Asian regional prosperity and innovation, won the prestigious 2013 Intelligent Community award last week. With a "triple helix" of collaboration among government, business, and the area's universities, Taichung's victory is the second triumph for a Taiwan city since Taipei won in 2006.

Written by Jay Gillette11 June 13 20:07

Huawei aims for global domination

Stockholm hosted the 21st annual Global Forum this week, highlighted by forecasts of a heated-up world market in telecommunications, innovative R&D policy, and burgeoning e-government services.

Written by Jay Gillette16 Nov. 12 18:52

Muni Wi-Fi lives

Riverside, Calif., using a municipal broadband network to overcome the digital divide and mobilize various sectors of the community, won the coveted 2012 Intelligent Community award last week.

Written by Jay Gillette11 June 12 19:29

Global warming could enable undersea Arctic telecom route

HONOLULU -- "Harnessing Disruption: Global, Mobile, Social, Local," was the theme at the 34rd <a href="">Pacific Telecommunications Council</a> (PTC) conference last week in Honolulu.

Written by Jay Gillette24 Jan. 12 03:27

World's fastest muni net wins award

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) has named Suwon, South Korea, as the 2010 Intelligent Community of the Year. Suwon has built the world’s fastest, large municipal network, improving connection speeds from an already impressive 32M to 1Gbps. The infrastructure is being used to enhance education, library development, and e-government.

Written by Jay Gillette26 May 10 01:30