Stories by Debra Feldman

How to build a network in 12 days (before Christmas)

The holiday season is an ideal time for re-connecting, making new contacts and strengthening relationships. Networking is, in fact, the best job search method: It generates more than 80 per cent of new hires.

Written by Debra Feldman03 Dec. 10 04:51

7 Tips for Getting the Salary You Want

It can come near the beginning of an official job interview or sneak up before the meeting is about to close. Regardless of when it happens, poised executives are always ready to answer the most important question that surfaces in a job interview: What will it take for you to join our team?

Written by Debra Feldman05 July 07 09:58

Turning Gatekeepers into Greeters

Correct technique and good manners turn interactions with corporate gatekeepers from frustrating to fruitful

Written by Debra Feldman04 Sept. 06 11:41