Stories by Ben Ames

Corporate IT Spending Growth to Slow In Q3

Businesses are planning to scale back their IT spending in the third quarter of 2007, according to a survey released by a US-based investment research firm

Written by Ben Ames04 June 07 11:44

PC Vendors Seek Profits In Recycling

Technology vendors have long used Earth Day as an excuse to polish their environmental records every April, but in 2007 many companies are finding they can generate revenue through the practice.

Written by Ben Ames23 April 07 10:43

Dell division will design Web 2.0 data centres

Dell on Tuesday announced it launched a division to design customized data centres for companies that rely on servers to run their businesses, such as Web 2.0 firms or Internet search engines.

Written by Ben Ames28 March 07 09:00