Stories by Robert L. Mitchell

The Grill: NFL CIO uses analytics to improve player safety

Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO for the National Football League, is driving innovation with analytics, using sensors to track players on the field and monitoring player health and safety with lab analysis of helmets.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 May 13 10:14

IT's new concern: The personal Cloud

As personal and professional Clouds converge, IT's mission to improve productivity while protecting corporate apps and data is getting tougher.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 May 13 10:14

Mobile management morphs

Customers are pushing the limits of the software -- asking it to manage and do many more things than it was originally created to do -- and vendors are happy to oblige.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell15 May 13 20:40

Premier 100 IT Leader: Garry Lyons

When MasterCard WorldWide's chief innovation officer, Garry Lyons, launched MasterCard Labs two years ago, his approach to hiring was anything but conventional. Lyons began by recruiting talented people who didn't know anything about the payments processing business. "If you know too much about a particular domain, you end up saying 'that won't work' or incrementally improving something." And that, Lyons says, won't lead to the kind of innovations that bring disruptive change to the business. "Our goal is to get next-generation payment solutions into the market faster and cheaper than ever before," he adds.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell25 Feb. 13 15:45

The Grill: Enterprise Business Partners CIO Pradip Sitaram

Pradip Sitaram, CIO at Enterprise Business Partners, led a project to modernize the nonprofit housing developer's IT infrastructure, introducing agile development and cloud-based computing along the way.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell03 Dec. 12 11:17

After Stuxnet: The new rules of cyberwar

Three years ago, when electric grid operators were starting to talk about the need to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, few utilities had even hired a chief information security officer.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell05 Nov. 12 16:41

Political IT: How campaigns mine the Web - part 2

Thanks to the Web, social media and an exploding culture of sharing pretty much anything online, advocacy groups and political campaigns have unparalleled access to vast amounts of new and very detailed psychographic data on voters interests, hobbies, lifestyles and political leanings. (See "What politicians know about you" in part 1 of this series.) Organizations are grappling with how to best exploit these vast troves of unstructured data without getting burned.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell31 Oct. 12 15:48

Campaign 2012: Mining for voters

Big data, analytics and mobile apps are enabling smaller political campaigns and advocacy groups to be more effective when it comes to winning over voters and raising money.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell29 Oct. 12 10:48

Smart buildings get smarter

Behind the glittering, sculpted glass skin of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's new 13-story headquarters beats the heart of one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in the world.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell22 Oct. 12 15:05

Predictive analytics go to work

Predictive analytics projects involve both art and science, but getting started isn't for high rollers only. Here's how to ensure a successful outcome.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell08 Oct. 12 10:13