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Clouds & Storms: Nicholas G. Carr on Cloud Computing

Working for a frozen water company must have seemed like a sensible career move in New England during the 1850s. During the age of steam, America's ice traders carved 10 million tons of the stuff out of local rivers and lakes every year. They kept it cool in specially constructed icehouses, wrapped it in hay and then exported it around the world.

Written by Peter Kirwan06 Aug. 08 08:42

If We're Entering a Recession, Preparedness is Key

Soon after the declaration of war in September 1939, London Zoo put down all of its poisonous snakes in case they escaped during an air raid. Some 400 million sandbags were deployed in front of shops and public buildings and 827,000 children were evacuated from town to country. Apart from that, nothing much happened during what the British came to know as the Phoney War. By the time Hitler invaded Scandinavia on 9 April, 1940, people had stopped carrying their gas masks around with them.

Written by Peter Kirwan16 June 08 14:16