Stories by Polly Schneider

Student Aid

Why JD Edwards bypassed today's big-league consultants for tomorrow's superstars

Written by Polly Schneider08 May 00 09:22

Are you a Bad Boss?

Your best people are flying out the door left and right. Blame it on that Internet start-up down the street, but maybe you're the problem

Written by Polly Schneider27 April 00 12:13

Another Trip to Hell

You loved it when we told you IT horror stories a year ago. Now, want to hear something really scary?

Written by Polly Schneider20 March 00 11:35

Blueprint for Harmony

Acrimony and architecture don't have to go hand-in-hand. Here are five steps toward creating common ground.

Written by Polly Schneider02 Sept. 99 09:25

Charity Begins at Work

Volunteering isn't just about helping others - it's about becoming a better CIO, and many are finding it's worth the sacrifice.

Written by Polly Schneider02 Sept. 99 09:25

Australia Unbound

Australia's remoteness may have hindered growth in the past, but today information technology and the Internet are bridging the gap between the Aussies and the rest of the world. The country's upcoming generation of CIOs is at the forefront of this revoluti

Written by Polly Schneider11 Aug. 99 10:17

Bargain Hunter's Guide to Global Networking

In this story, we define the VPN as a simple point-to-point Internet-based network-the most popular form of the technology, according to Greg Howard, senior analyst with Infonetics Research Inc. in San Jose, California, and other network analysts.

Written by Polly Schneider12 April 99 15:48

Clear Skies forecast

Sabre's system helps cut the complexity of figuring where American Airlines should fly - and how often

Written by Polly Schneider01 Feb. 99 12:37