Stories by Chris Jager

Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook

The Dell Inspiron 1545 is an affordable all-purpose notebook with a 15.6in widescreen LCD. While it's unlikely to turn heads with its pedestrian style, this Dell Inspiron laptop remains a perfectly serviceable notebook that punches well above its weight. (We use the term figuratively, as it is far from a petite notebook.)

Written by Chris Jager22 Sept. 09 15:03

ASUS U80V notebook

The ASUS U80V is an all-purpose notebook with some visual surprises under the hood, including a touch-sensitive LED trackpad (altogether now: "Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!"). The ASUS U80V offers a good range of components for the asking price and will run day-to-day applications without a hitch; it’s also powerful enough for HD video editing and occasional bouts of 3D gaming. On the downside, it isn’t the most visually appealing notebook on the market, despite the funky touchpad. Nevertheless, it remains a good performer for the asking price.

Written by Chris Jager10 Aug. 09 15:15

Dell Adamo (Admire) notebook

The Dell Adamo (Admire) is the latest notebook to strut its stuff down the couture computing runway. It joins the growing parade of chic notebook models that place style over everything else.

Written by Chris Jager28 May 09 15:00

Andatech AL6000 Pro Professional Breathalyser

Drinking to the point of inebriation isn’t big, hard or clever -- but we’re all three, which makes us duly qualified to test the Andatech AL6000 Pro Professional Breathalyser.

Written by Chris Jager19 March 09 15:20