Stories by Eric Doyle

Randy Mott Leads Overhaul of HP's Legacy Systems

The day Randy Mott left Dell for Hewlett-Packard in 2005 it caused a stir in the IT world. At the time, HP was a company in transition. Its CEO Carly Fiorina had been ousted following the most tempestuous period in the company's history, and the new CEO Mark Hurd recognized immediately that a major change was necessary to stabilize the company.

Written by Eric Doyle15 July 08 14:01

The staff, the thief, the device and its data

Data being leeched from company databases by less secure mobile devices is a common occurrence, making data leakage the big technology issue of 2008. With the increasing use of mobile phones, PDAs and laptops as work tools, important company data is removed from the office every day.

Written by Eric Doyle27 June 08 15:20

HP and IBM Combine Data Center Strengths

Rationalizing server estates has been one of the most significant datacenter trends of recent years, driven by the twin needs to make server management more cost effective and the growing constraints on power.

Written by Eric Doyle29 April 08 08:29