Stories by Howard Kendall

The New Meaning of Service?

The summer was a wonderful time to reflect on where the ‘IT Service World’ is – and where it is going. I’ve researched and read a significant amount on what the ‘experts’ believe, and unusually, they appear to agree on a number of points:

Written by Howard Kendall04 Sept. 08 11:29

The Customer Experience is Key to the Future for IT Support

As consumers we expect a high quality of service and are used to seeing innovation in this area, both in the high street and online. For example just look at Pret a Manger, Richer Sounds, Marks & Spencer, Lands End and Amazon. But when in the workplace, and faced with a malfunctioning workstation or critical application that requires IT support, our expectations of service delivery drops dramatically. Why is this?

Written by Howard Kendall22 July 08 14:54

Why Has ITSM Taken So Long To Become Popular?

IT professionals need to develop business and service orientated skills in order to understand, and get closer to, the businesses they work in. IT service management (ITSM) and its related industry has been advocating this for 20 years or more, but it is only recently that this issue has become top of the agenda within many organisations.

Written by Howard Kendall11 July 08 14:10