Stories by Art Jahnke

Intelligence Tests

In Europe, US agents have been intercepting email messages for years. Now they want the computer industry to help them do it here

Written by Art Jahnke24 Jan. 00 11:33

State of Change

When revolutionary procurement theory meets the realities of government-as-usual, something's got to give.

Written by Art Jahnke25 Oct. 99 09:50

Decoding Death

In laboratories all over the globe, researchers are racing to unlock the secrets of genetic codes. In one, he Internet sets the pace.

Written by Art Jahnke07 Sept. 99 09:55

Still in the picture

The Web looms large in Kodak's future, as the biggest name in film seeks a new life with fewer negatives.

Written by Art Jahnke11 Aug. 99 16:42

The Powers That May Be

Most companies that are serious about competing in the global market of the next century understand that Web technology-intranets, extranets and the Internet-will play an increasingly important role in the shape of their business strategies.

Written by Art Jahnke12 April 99 15:48