Stories by Bruce Schneier

How to Sell Security

We don’t invest in information security because we’re predisposed to take the risk that nothing bad will happen. So if you want to sell security to senior management, turn it into something they’ll actually want to buy.

Written by Bruce Schneier10 Nov. 08 12:35

Network Security. Its Not About the Technology

Five years ago a firewall was all you needed for security on the Internet. Back then, no one had ever heard of denial-of-service attacks shutting down Web servers, let alone common gateway interface scripting flaws and the latest vulnerabilities in Microsoft Outlook Express. But in the wake of recent years came intrusion detection systems, public-key infrastructure, smart cards and biometrics. New networking services, wireless devices and the latest products regularly turn network security upside down. It's no wonder CIOs can't keep up.

Written by Bruce Schneier25 May 01 15:49