Stories by Dallon Christensen

Pay Isn't Everything

Here we go again. The stock market's wild ride this week may rattle business confidence, and put the brakes on most future hiring decisions. This uncertainty may also bring pay raises into question.

Written by Dallon Christensen16 Aug. 11 18:52

Understanding the risks of mobile technology

As if finance executives didn't have enough internal control issues to keep them awake at night, Visa's recent investment in mobile credit card merchant Square could bring more headaches.

Written by Dallon Christensen08 June 11 10:56

Budgeting: Garbage In, Garbage Out (Part I)

Finance, while admired for accuracy and attention to detail, often fails in transforming those numbers into meaningful action and results. But there's hope.

Written by Dallon Christensen22 May 11 20:42