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10 Cultural Faux Pas You Should Never Make in Japan

From language mishaps run amok--"I once said 'That's wonderful' when a person said her uncle died," confesses businessman Ron McFarland--to blowing your nose in public, there are <a href="">many faux pas people unknowingly make</a> when doing business in another culture. And Japan is rife with opportunities for Westerners to make mistakes.

Written by Shawna McAlearney28 April 09 11:41

10 Cultural Faux Pas You Should Never Make in India

It's been 12 hours since your last bite to eat. Your stomach growls angrily as you meet the host who will take care of all your needs while you prepare to sign a big contract with his company. He takes you out to dinner at a nice restaurant--please tell me you didn't just order a steak!

Written by Shawna McAlearney18 April 09 09:02

Does a Tech Manager Need to be Tech-Savvy?

To work in IT you have to have a tech background, right? Nope. With the right set of management skills, even a nontechnical person can make it as a successful manager. Sure, it helps to understand the bits and-bytes of each employee's area of expertise. If nothing else, it means the manager can appreciate what the staff does right and recognize weaknesses. But how can managers accurately evaluate team performance or assign tasks when they know little or nothing about what the individual does? According to some technical employees, the answer is communication.

Written by Shawna McAlearney09 Sept. 08 08:15