Stories by Kristen Lamoreaux

CIOs expand their horizons

Meet IT leaders who are pushing the boundaries of their job descriptions -- and finding that doors are opening to them elsewhere in the C-suite.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Aug. 16 23:23

For better career networking, go organic

Networking while doing volunteer work for charities is a long-term IT career strategy with lifetime benefits. But remember to put the cause first and networking second.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux16 March 16 22:23

CIO Takes the Less-Traveled Path to IT Career Success

This divisional CIO got his promotion after a stint in the IT infrastructure group -- a stint that some would view as career suicide, but he viewed as valuable experience

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux30 April 13 17:02

Seven steps to happy hires with long-term potential

Reed Technologies is among the rare companies that has recruit-and-retain down to a science. Here are 7 lessons from their strategies that you can use to build your own homegrown talent pool

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux30 July 12 15:00

Four must-dos for CIOs networking online

Executives exploring options outside their current company are often in need of job search etiquette tips. Especially since the immediacy and transparency of today's technology can easily create an uncomfortable situation. So how can you avoid being "that guy" while still incorporating social networking tools into your job hunt?

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux28 March 12 08:36

Bold hiring strategies from fearless CIOs

Everyone's afraid. You can't read an article, watch a news broadcast or speak to another human being without tasting the fear. We all may agree that we'd be stupid not to be cautious, but smart leaders are working to mitigate fear and move their organizations forward.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Dec. 11 06:26

Why CEOs prefer old-fashioned networking when hiring

Want top-notch hiring advice? Sometimes the best source is at the top of your organization. I spoke with several C-level executives, and every one said their peer network is their first stop when seeking top talent. And overwhelmingly, those networks are tapped the old-fashioned way--not via LinkedIn.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Sept. 11 10:00

Three creative ways to add talent to your team

I recently interviewed dozens of CIOs about their hiring concerns and was left amazed. Not by their revelations, but by their level of frustration.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux29 April 11 07:12

BYOT: Hype or a hiring dealbreaker?

Bring Your Own Technology, or BYOT, can strike fear in the hearts of CIOs and security officers, who are split on whether the concept is an urban legend or the wave of the future. Regardless, the CIOs I've spoken with say it has not yet become a standard question that applicants ask. Sure, there are CEOs and salespeople who want to sneak tablets onto the network, but at this point, the roar of the consumers is really just a whisper.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux18 Dec. 10 05:53

Why promoting from within pays off

Whether your IT organization is five or 5,000 people, it's tempting, in today's market, to search outside talent for a superstar ready to contribute on day one. Yet the fear that such hires will flee when the economy turns around has companies hedging their bets by investing in their current employees.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux30 Sept. 10 07:05

Hire the Team You Deserve

It's hard in today's economic climate to argue for companies adding to their IT hiring processes. Why should a CIO partner with HR to build on an existing, sophisticated interviewing process? Because doing so can yield respect and results.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux17 June 10 05:55

Hiring Managers: Personal Networks Hold Hiring Power

We've all been told, "Networking is critical," so often that by now it's about as interesting as, "You should floss daily." But the truth of the matter is that CIOs in the know do regularly turn to their personal networks to source effective talent. And paying regular attention to your network does, in fact, pay off.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux29 Jan. 10 05:20