Stories by Erez Zukerman

Cloud9 IDE looks polished, feels unfinished

JavaScript is one of the most common scripting languages in the world. In fact, you're almost certainly using it right now, even if you're unaware of the fact. Every modern desktop and mobile Web browser supports JavaScript, and it's used in just about every current website. Cloud9 IDE is a Web-based development environment aimed at making it easier to develop JavaScript-based Web applications. It lives in the cloud, so you need only a Web browser to use it.

Written by Erez Zukerman12 Nov. 11 08:18

Mindmap Alone or as a Group on the Web With MindMeister

We all need to gather our thoughts every now and then. Some of us do that by just writing in a simple text editor, such as Simplenote, but others may find the look of a blank page intimidating.

Written by Erez Zukerman10 Nov. 11 08:22