Stories by Mitch Betts

Buyer’s Guide: Mobile app development services can be risky

Buyers of mobile app development services will face a highly fragmented market with lots of small players that could default, according to IBISWorld. Download this free procurement report, which analyzes the vendors, pricing trends and ways to negotiate the best deal.

Written by Mitch Betts05 May 17 01:01

6 ex-CIOs reveal lessons learned, biggest regrets

What if you could eavesdrop on the exit interviews of CIOs who recently left their roles? In a free report, from the Society for Information Management, former CIOs describe their career lessons and disappointments.

Written by Mitch Betts22 Nov. 16 01:49

Pioneering Companies Enter a New Data Analytics Phase

A variety of pioneering companies are entering the next phase of data analytics -- dubbed Analytics 3.0 -- where the data analysis not only produces faster or better internal decisions but can also be turned into external products and services.

Written by Mitch Betts20 Aug. 14 01:18

Text Analytics Can Help Businesses Soothe Upset Callers

An Ernst & Young report says that text analytics and voice-recognition software can help customer-service reps solve problems instead of trying to cross-sell an unhappy caller.

Written by Mitch Betts30 July 13 19:57

Study links IT spending to profits

Earlier academic studies didn't find a connection between IT spending and profits, but new research has a more upbeat conclusion: Investments in IT can have a positive effect on profitability--one even more pronounced than comparable spending on advertising.

Written by Mitch Betts15 May 12 06:35

Netflix reveals challenges in the Cloud

Technology managers at video distributor Netflix Inc., which last year took a big plunge into the public cloud, have started a remarkably candid blog about their experiences with mission-critical cloud computing.

Written by Mitch Betts10 Jan. 11 22:04

Shortage of Windows 7 migration experts expected

It's not a Y2K-style crisis, but there's only a four-year window until Microsoft Corp. ends support for Windows XP. The need to migrate from XP to Windows 7 "will create an extra budgetary and resource burden on companies from 2011 to 2012," according to recent report by Gartner Inc.

Written by Mitch Betts14 Sept. 10 00:06

App Overload Hurts Flexibility, Adds Complexity

CIOs monitor a lot of metrics, but advisory firm The Hackett Group Inc. says there's one more to watch: the number of enterprise software applications per 1,000 end users.

Written by Mitch Betts24 May 10 20:11

Developer Tool Spots Unclear Requirements

The first step in any application development project is to collect the user requirements. Get that wrong, and the project will be in trouble.

Written by Mitch Betts24 May 10 20:11

Exploit the power of data visualisation

Various pundits say that one of the top goals of CEOs this year is to make sense of the terabytes of data swirling in and around their companies and then use that data to make better decisions. Key to that is data visualization technology, which tells a more powerful story than raw data alone.

Written by Mitch Betts05 Jan. 10 02:08

Open-Source BI Going Mainstream for Routine Uses

Adoption of open-source business intelligence software is doubling every year because the products are viewed as "good enough" for routine applications, according to a recent report by Gartner Inc. analyst Andreas Bitterer.

Written by Mitch Betts05 Jan. 10 02:09

The No. 1 Cause of IT Failure: Complexity

Is the problem a bad set of user requirements? Poor business alignment? No. According to software architect Roger Sessions, the primary cause of software project failures is complexity.

Written by Mitch Betts21 Dec. 09 22:13