Stories by Nancy Gohring

Talk turns to running webOS on Android phones

In a reversal of sorts, some people are keen to load webOS on their Android devices, now that Hewlett-Packard has announced plans to make the software open source.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Dec. 11 09:28

German court issues injunction against Apple products

A German court on Friday ruled that Apple's iPhone and iPad devices infringe a Motorola patent and issued an injunction against sales of the products in Germany, in the latest move in a long series of legal battles between the companies.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Dec. 11 05:29

Google, Microsoft teams work to keep pace with privacy laws

Executives from Microsoft and Google on Thursday gave a glimpse into the size of their privacy organizations, which are required for the companies to try to avoid running foul of complicated U.S. privacy regulations and prepare for changes coming to privacy laws around the globe.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Dec. 11 10:34

Amazon reboot routine, experts say

Amazon Web Services customers this week are worrying about a server reboot the provider is pushing out, but if users have architected their applications properly, they shouldn't be concerned, experts said.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Dec. 11 05:39

Original PaaS vendors defend their turf

Independent platform-as-a-service providers acknowledge that theirs is a crowded market, especially with big IT vendors like Oracle, Hewlett-Packard and Dell entering as competitors, but they expressed confidence this week that there is room in the market for many players.

Written by Nancy Gohring03 Dec. 11 12:05

Lawmaker asks FTC to investigate Carrier IQ

The outcry over Carrier IQ's mobile-phone tracking software continued Friday, with a U.S. congressman asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company.

Written by Nancy Gohring03 Dec. 11 11:53

Verizon says it doesn't use Carrier IQ software

Verizon Wireless said Thursday it doesn't add to its phones any software from Carrier IQ, the company that has come under fire in the past few days for what some say amounts to spying on mobile phone users.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Dec. 11 12:34

VirtualSharp to enable disaster recovery to public clouds

VirtualSharp hopes to soon let its customers set up disaster recovery plans that fail over from their private clouds to public clouds, the company announced this week at the CloudBeat conference in Redwood City, California.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Dec. 11 08:13

Google slaps down Ballmer's assertion about Cloud biz

A Google executive refuted recent comments from Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, who said Microsoft wins enterprise Cloud contracts 98 per cent of the time when up against the search giant.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Dec. 11 11:57

Netflix opens door to leaving Amazon Web Services

Netflix designed its cloud architecture so that it has the option to move to an Amazon Web Services competitor, but doesn't expect a real competitor to emerge for a few years, a Netflix executive said on Wednesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Dec. 11 08:39

MobileIron's management software prepares for Android

MobileIron hopes to help businesses prepare for what it believes will be an onslaught of Android phones in 2012 with an updated version of its mobile device management software.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 Nov. 11 22:00

Microsoft building Kinect device for Windows PCs

Microsoft will build a Kinect device specifically for use with PCs, as the company prepares to launch a program to support commercial products developed for Kinect and Windows.

Written by Nancy Gohring23 Nov. 11 12:05

Google closes Knol, Friend Connect and other services

Google continues to shut down underperforming services, announcing Tuesday that Friend Connect, Knol and a few other services will soon go the way of Google Health and Google Buzz.

Written by Nancy Gohring23 Nov. 11 11:13

NPD: HP beats Samsung in tablet sales

Hewlett-Packard, which recently discontinued its TouchPad tablets, took the top spot among tablet vendors behind Apple's iPad this year through October, according to research from NPD.

Written by Nancy Gohring23 Nov. 11 06:58