Stories by Nancy Gohring

Veghte to set strategy for HP

Hewlett-Packard has added chief strategy officer to former Microsoft veteran Bill Veghte's titles, the company announced Tuesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring18 Jan. 12 11:10

Kundra, first CIO of US, joins Salesforce

Salesforce on Monday said that Vivek Kundra, who was the first person to serve as CIO of the U.S. federal government, has joined the company as executive vice president of emerging markets.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 Jan. 12 06:12

New kinds of products hit Verizon's LTE network

Verizon used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as an opportunity to show off some of the unique applications and products being developed on its LTE network.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Jan. 12 12:44

FCC chairman urges action on spectrum auctions

Julius Genachowski, chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, used his time on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show Wednesday to warn that if Congress doesn't let the agency move forward with its plans to free up more wireless spectrum, it risks damaging the economy into the future.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Jan. 12 11:13

RIM hopes apps will sell PlayBooks

Research In Motion is highlighting the native and Android apps available on its struggling PlayBook at the Consumer Electronics Show as it prepares to launch the first major overhaul of the tablet's software next month.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Jan. 12 10:36

Expect fewer phone models in 2012, executives say

Are there too many mobile phones to choose from? Phone makers are starting to worry that people are getting overwhelmed by so many options and, as a result, some plan to reduce the number of models they produce this year.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Jan. 12 10:22

Nokia unveils Lumia 900 for North America

Nokia on Monday introduced the Lumia 900, its first LTE Windows Phone and a device the company said it designed specifically for the North American market.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Jan. 12 11:30

Company says carriers, phone makers infringe patent

Little-known company Globaltel was awarded a patent last year that it claims Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Nokia, most phone makers, and every carrier in the world infringes.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Jan. 12 10:07

HTC, Nokia to offer first LTE Windows Phones on AT&T

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at AT&T's Developer Summit Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show to say that the operator would be the first to offer LTE Windows Phones, including the HTC Titan II and a phone from Nokia.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Jan. 12 06:35