Stories by Nancy Gohring

Kindle sales soar but Amazon mum on actual numbers

Amazon said flooding in Thailand and economic problems in Europe weighed on its financial results for the fourth quarter but it also said it was pleased with the results, which disappointed investors.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Feb. 12 11:25

Microsoft 'committed' to Hyper-V OpenStack support

Microsoft may try to revive support for Hyper-V in OpenStack as the community considers removing the code -- which one OpenStack developer called broken and unmaintained -- from the stack.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Feb. 12 08:53

Adscend denies Facebook, AG allegations

Adscend Media, the defendant in lawsuits filed this week by Facebook and the Washington attorney general, on Friday denied the allegations in the complaints and shifted blame to its affiliates.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Jan. 12 08:41

Rubinstein leaves HP

Jon Rubinstein, known for his role developing the original iPod for Apple and for running Palm, has left Hewlett-Packard, where he's worked since the company's acquisition of Palm.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Jan. 12 05:54

Facebook, Washington state sue alleged ad scammer

Washington's attorney general announced two new lawsuits against Adscend Media, a company that allegedly has been earning US$20 million a year using a Facebook scam.

Written by Nancy Gohring27 Jan. 12 06:58

Motorola files new suit against Apple

Motorola has filed a new lawsuit in Florida charging Apple with infringing six patents in the iPhone 4S and four of those patents in iCloud.

Written by Nancy Gohring26 Jan. 12 06:22

Google kills more services

Google is continuing to weed out its services and on Friday announced it will shut down Picnik, Google Message Continuity and Needlebase and make changes to some other services.

Written by Nancy Gohring21 Jan. 12 11:24

Beware the fake Megaupload sites

The people behind Megaupload might be working hard to get the site back up, but so are scammers.

Written by Nancy Gohring21 Jan. 12 10:19 founder gets 14 months

A Virginia judge sentenced Matthew David Howard Smith, a founder of the website, to 14 months in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday.

Written by Nancy Gohring21 Jan. 12 07:01

Anonymous retaliates for Megaupload shutdown, attacks DOJ, others

The hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for attacks that have taken down websites run by Universal Music, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Recording Industry Association of America in retaliation for the government's removal of the Megaupload websites.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 Jan. 12 11:41

Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent settle dispute

Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent have settled a patent dispute, following a jury verdict last year that would have had Microsoft pay US$70 million for infringement.

Written by Nancy Gohring19 Jan. 12 08:54