Stories by Nancy Gohring

Nimbula adds support for VMware hypervisor

Nimbula is hoping to better serve enterprises with version 2.0 of its operating system, which adds compatibility with VMware's hypervisor and other new features.

Written by Nancy Gohring14 Feb. 12 03:04

Google, Microsoft and Apple letters aim to keep regulators at bay

As patent infringement lawsuits continue to pile up in the mobile industry, Google, Apple and Microsoft appear to be trying individually to reassure regulators and standards bodies that they won't use their patents to build a monopoly, experts said.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Feb. 12 09:03

Airvana sues Ericsson over femtocell technology

Femtocell developer Airvana is charging Ericsson with breaching their contract over femtocell technology, in a <a href="">lawsuit</a> filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Feb. 12 06:51

Chrome comes to Android, but only for the 1 percent

Google on Tuesday began offering a beta version of its Chrome browser for Android phones, finally beginning the move to unify its computer, tablet and mobile phone browsers.

Written by Nancy Gohring08 Feb. 12 06:20

HP to let partners host LoadRunner

Hewlett-Packard's LoadRunner performance validation software will become available on a hosted basis through HP partners, the company announced Tuesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring07 Feb. 12 23:50

Cloudyn monitors and optimizes AWS usage

Cloudyn is launching a hosted service on Monday that aims to monitor a company's cloud usage and recommend ways to optimize that usage in order to cut costs.

Written by Nancy Gohring06 Feb. 12 16:06

Micron CEO dies in plane crash

Steve Appleton, chairman and CEO of memory and semiconductor maker Micron, was killed in a small plane accident in Boise, Idaho, on Friday.

Written by Nancy Gohring04 Feb. 12 07:01

Apple removes, then replaces products from German online store

Apple on Friday removed some of its products from its online store serving Germany due to a court injunction in its dispute with Motorola, but shortly after it removed the products a suspension of that injunction allowed Apple to again start selling them.

Written by Nancy Gohring04 Feb. 12 05:41

Sprint to sell $100 tablet from ZTE

Sprint is rolling out one of the lowest cost tablets on the market -- a ZTE tablet with midrange specs -- but you'll have to sign a two-year service contract to get the low US$100 price tag.

Written by Nancy Gohring03 Feb. 12 06:12

Lease program would offer users new phone every year

Wish you could have the latest hot smartphone even with a year left on your contract? TMNG Global has devised a leasing program that could let you upgrade your phone every year.

Written by Nancy Gohring03 Feb. 12 05:33

OpenStack removes Hyper-V support in next release

Despite Microsoft's stated commitment to Hyper-V in OpenStack, buggy code designed to support the hypervisor will be removed from the next version of the stack, developers decided on Wednesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Feb. 12 11:05

Microsoft opens door to Kinect for Windows apps

As promised, Microsoft has shipped version 1.0 of the Kinect for Windows SDK and runtime and said partners have started selling the Kinect hardware.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Feb. 12 07:49