Stories by Nancy Gohring

Microsoft opens My Phone beta, plans new features

Microsoft on Tuesday will open the beta for its My Phone Windows Mobile backup service to anyone who wants to try it out. The company has also disclosed some forthcoming features for the service, including ways to wipe data remotely and find lost phones using GPS.

Written by Nancy Gohring19 May 09 21:52

After losing Sun to Oracle, IBM earnings up

The same day it appears to have lost out on the opportunity to buy Sun Microsystems, IBM reported that revenue for the first quarter of 2009 dropped 11 percent compared to the same quarter last year and just barely missed analyst expectations.

Written by Nancy Gohring21 April 09 06:50

Former Qwest CEO heads to jail

The outspoken former head of Qwest, who executed a bold merger between the broadband service provider and a local telephone company, reported to prison on Tuesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring15 April 09 05:14

Google lays off 200 in sales and marketing

Proving that it is not immune to the economic downturn, Google plans to lay off 200 people, including 15 across Australia and New Zealand, in its sales and marketing group.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 March 09 07:05

Salesforce president quits, no replacement named's president and chief strategy officer, Steve Cakebread, resigned from the company effective Feb. 1, according to a U.S. regulatory filing last week.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Feb. 09 07:33

Tech Companies Set Goals for Energy Efficiency

A group of some of the biggest technology companies said they've committed to a plan to improve the power efficiency of equipment they make and use.

Written by Nancy Gohring13 June 07 10:48

Mobile Industry Aims for Greener Phones

If just a small portion of the world's mobile phone users unplugged their charger when the battery is full, it could save enough electricity to power thousands of homes. So said Nokia as the company unveiled a new industry group that aims to make mobile phones more environmentally friendly.

Written by Nancy Gohring05 April 07 11:39

Red Hat says Yahoo relationship intact

Tough competition appears to be driving profits down for Red Hat but the company has hung on to one marquee customer, Yahoo, despite recent reports to the contrary.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 March 07 11:29

Tech helps boost Irish language use

The use of Irish, the language natively spoken in Ireland, has slowly been in decline for centuries in part due to former British rulers who forbade its use. But one Irish institution is using technology to ensure that the language stays alive.

Written by Nancy Gohring15 Aug. 06 08:05