Stories by Nancy Gohring

In Autodesk case, judge rules secondhand sales OK

A Seattle judge ruled in favor of a man arguing that he has the right to sell secondhand software, in a case that had some people worried about an end to used-book and CD stores.

Written by Nancy Gohring02 Oct. 09 06:39

Oracle fined by TPC over benchmarking claims

Oracle has been fined over claims it made in an advertisement about the performance of its software running on Sun Microsystems server hardware.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Oct. 09 09:08

iPhone, Android boost mobile Web usage

Newcomers to the mobile-phone market are driving more wireless Web access at the expense of the phone makers that have been around for a while, according to a new report from AdMob.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 Oct. 09 08:51

Microsoft kills Dynamics mobile

Microsoft on Thursday said it has discontinued the mobile versions of its Dynamics ERP (enterprise resource planning) products.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Sept. 09 05:30

One year on, Android's not quite there yet

After it has spent nearly a year on the market, analysts are reluctant to declare Android a success, but they say the platform could turn a corner in the next few months when many more phones are expected to go on sale.

Written by Nancy Gohring24 Sept. 09 09:39

Desktop takes back seat at Linux conference

Leaders in the Linux community seemed resigned to the fact that Linux still hasn't made headway in the desktop market, but they made it clear on Monday that their success in other markets, such as mobile, is at least as important.

Written by Nancy Gohring22 Sept. 09 10:13

New Linux Moblin netbooks to be announced at IDF

A new Linux netbook based on Moblin will be introduced this week, and it may represent a new way that the Linux community is approaching the mass market.

Written by Nancy Gohring22 Sept. 09 06:49

Google says Apple did reject Voice app

Google told the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that Apple did indeed reject the Google Voice application from the iPhone store, despite contrary statements from Apple.

Written by Nancy Gohring21 Sept. 09 05:49

Analyst sticks to BlackBerry Tour return rate report

The analyst who reported that a high percentage of BlackBerry Tour buyers are returning them because of trackball issues is standing by his research despite strong denials by operators.

Written by Nancy Gohring18 Sept. 09 06:01

No more Windows Mobile phones from Palm

Palm said it will stop developing new phones running Windows Mobile software, instead focusing future development on its new WebOS operating system.

Written by Nancy Gohring18 Sept. 09 05:40

Skype founders sue Skype

With a similar legal battle playing out in the U.K., a company owned by Skype's founders has filed suit against Skype in the U.S.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 Sept. 09 06:21

Analyst: 50% return rate for Blackberry Tour

Problems with the trackball on BlackBerry Tour phones have led to return rates near 50 percent, an analyst at TownHall Investment Research said.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 Sept. 09 06:26