Stories by Nancy Gohring

Microsoft lays off 800 people

Microsoft is laying off another 800 people, adding to the 5,000 the company has already let go this year.

Written by Nancy Gohring05 Nov. 09 05:01

Motorola posts surprise profit

Even before the phones it is hinging its future livelihood on hit the market, Motorola posted a surprise profit and upped expectations for the current quarter.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 Oct. 09 05:31

Google delivers SDK for Android 2.0

Google on Tuesday released an SDK for Android 2.0, revealing some new features that will come with the upgraded mobile operating system.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Oct. 09 09:04

Qualcomm opens subsidiary focused on open source

Qualcomm has built a new subsidiary to better integrate its products with mobile open-source software, in hopes of capitalizing on the trend toward open platforms in the mobile industry.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Oct. 09 08:00

Judge throws out Craigslist lawsuit

An Illinois judge this week dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Cook County Sheriff's Office charging Craigslist with facilitating prostitution.

Written by Nancy Gohring26 Oct. 09 08:39

Microsoft-Yahoo deal gets support from ad association

Microsoft and Yahoo are touting a brief letter that an advertising association sent to the U.S. Department of Justice supporting the search deal proposed by the companies.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 Oct. 09 06:36

Google and Virgin to offer free onboard Wi-Fi

People all over Earth can already access Google's services online. For the next three months, some of them will be able to access those same services from above Earth too.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 Oct. 09 08:45

Windows Mobile: setting the stage for the future

Microsoft plans to replicate some processes from the PC industry to try to boost its performance in the mobile market and expects to see a growing number of applications in its new Marketplace, an executive said this week.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 Oct. 09 06:13

Microsoft content with Windows Mobile launch

Not only was there a negative initial reaction to the launch of the latest Windows phones on Wednesday, there were news stories about all the bad reviews.

Written by Nancy Gohring08 Oct. 09 06:35

Yahoo says its mobile strategy is working

Yahoo is learning that mobile applications don't cannibalize its PC-based services, said a company executive Wednesday, as he also outlined the ways that Yahoo is approaching the mobile market differently from its competitors.

Written by Nancy Gohring08 Oct. 09 06:08

Motorola describes close relationship with Google

On the day that Microsoft is launching phones that will run on its latest version of Windows Mobile, Motorola is singing the praises of open-source software, specifically Google's Android.

Written by Nancy Gohring07 Oct. 09 08:09