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Kodak sues Apple, RIM over camera patents

Kodak has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission charging Apple and Research In Motion with infringing patents in products with cameras.

Written by Nancy Gohring15 Jan. 10 04:53

Google may pull out of China after cyberattacks

Google has decided to stop censoring its results in China and could end up closing its operations and shutting down its search engine there, the company said Tuesday.The decision follows an attack on Google's servers in December that targeted the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, Google said in a blog post.

Written by Nancy Gohring13 Jan. 10 11:21

Microsoft asks for rehearing in Word case

Microsoft asked an appeals court for a rehearing in the patent case that requires the software giant to pay US$290 million in damages and prevents it from selling the current version of Word starting on Monday.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Jan. 10 11:34

Google faces deluge of Nexus One complaints

Google support forums are awash with people looking for help for problems with their Nexus One phones -- and unable to find it.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Jan. 10 06:28

Google Nexus One early termination fee could reach $550

Buyers beware: people who choose the subsidized new Google Nexus One phone with a T-Mobile contract will get hit with US$550 in early termination fees if they cancel their service in under four months.

Written by Nancy Gohring07 Jan. 10 06:11

What the Nexus One isn't

Perhaps as interesting as describing Google's Nexus One, unveiled on Tuesday, is examining what the phone isn't.

Written by Nancy Gohring06 Jan. 10 08:25

Google takes wraps off Nexus One

Three years after rumors of a Google phone first surfaced, the search giant has taken the wraps off its own branded and designed mobile phone, the Nexus One.

Written by Nancy Gohring06 Jan. 10 06:13

Music sharer asks for reduced fine, retrial

The student ordered to pay US$675,000 for sharing music online has asked for a new trial and for a reduction in the amount of damages he must pay.

Written by Nancy Gohring05 Jan. 10 11:35

Google dashboard shows Android fragmentation

Google is providing developers with a dashboard that is aimed at helping them decide which versions of the software to support and that shows the fragmentation of the Android platform.

Written by Nancy Gohring18 Dec. 09 07:15

2010 to be 'year of conflict' in mobile

Despite a lagging economy that continues to drag down the market, 2010 promises to be an exciting year in mobile, analysts say.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 Dec. 09 06:57

Microsoft buys health-care software company

Microsoft plans to buy health-care software maker Sentillion for an undisclosed sum in order to expand its own health-care offerings and capitalize on an upcoming opportunity for new sales.

Written by Nancy Gohring11 Dec. 09 07:44

Google promotes Place Pages in shop windows

Google is introducing a mobile marketing campaign for Place Pages, a service for businesses that faced some early criticism when it launched in September.

Written by Nancy Gohring08 Dec. 09 06:07

Uproar over E.T. hunter misplaced, SETI@home founder says

The school superintendent investigating a former employee who ran the SETI@home program on school computers doesn’t understand how the technology works or that the project is well-respected, experts in the technology field say.

Written by Nancy Gohring07 Dec. 09 06:58

Microsoft, Yahoo finalise search deal

Microsoft and Yahoo have finalised the terms of a broad search and advertising agreement intended to help them compete more effectively with Google.

Written by Nancy Gohring05 Dec. 09 10:24