Stories by Nancy Gohring

BlueLock's cloud services aim at large and small

BlueLock, a little-known cloud-computing services provider, is rolling out a suite of services aimed at a wide range of customers, it announced Monday.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 Feb. 10 04:52

Google adds mobile management to Apps

Google is adding some basic mobile device management capabilities to Google Apps that will let IT managers remotely wipe data from lost iPhones.

Written by Nancy Gohring05 Feb. 10 04:59

Google building phone support for Nexus One

After struggling to support Nexus One customers using an online-only approach, Google appears to be developing a phone customer service operation.

Written by Nancy Gohring04 Feb. 10 06:47

Google to end support for IE6

Google will phase out support for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Web browser starting in March, the company said Friday.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 Jan. 10 12:38

Ballmer: The cloud will bring new apps to law enforcement

A move to the cloud will enable new kinds of applications that public safety and law enforcement agencies can use to do their jobs better, Microsoft’s CEO said during its annual Worldwide Public Safety Symposium on Wednesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Jan. 10 05:49

ITC to investigate Apple at Nokia's request

The U.S. International Trade Commission said it is investigating Apple based on a complaint filed by Nokia in late December, indicating that the dispute between the companies is heating up.

Written by Nancy Gohring27 Jan. 10 11:33

Google to push update for Nexus One soon

Google hopes to be able to push out a software fix in about a week for a 3G connectivity problem that many Nexus One users have complained about.

Written by Nancy Gohring27 Jan. 10 05:18

Ballmer: Microsoft will stay in China

Microsoft does not plan to follow Google’s lead in pulling out of China, the software giant’s CEO told news outlets on Thursday.

Written by Nancy Gohring15 Jan. 10 10:45