Stories by Nancy Gohring

Root to help enterprises choose, monitor mobile operators

Root Wireless is still working on a commercial offering that will help enterprises choose and monitor cellular service providers, but it plans to release a new consumer client designed for the "wow factor" in just a few weeks.

Written by Nancy Gohring30 June 10 07:02

Motorola Droid X released in US, Android 2.2 open sourced

Verizon on Tuesday introduced the newest Droid and the second from Motorola, but some Android fans may be disappointed to learn that it won't ship with the latest operating system or the newest Flash Player.

Written by Nancy Gohring24 June 10 04:20

HP buys Melodeo

Hewlett-Packard confirmed on Wednesday that it had acquired Melodeo, its second recent acquisition in the mobile market.

Written by Nancy Gohring24 June 10 09:25

Nokia lowers second quarter expectations

Facing continued pressure from Apple and other smartphone makers, Nokia on Wednesday warned that its second quarter earnings would be lower than expected.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 June 10 04:33

Google's Caffeine: a transition from months to seconds

Newshounds and marketers may still debate whether Google's Caffeine, which now delivers search results from updated sites within seconds, is fast enough. But it wasn't too long ago that it was acceptable for Google to update its index only once every 30 days.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 June 10 07:03

Microsoft brings Facebook into social search

Microsoft is launching a new social search page that displays results from Facebook and Twitter, an executive announced on Wednesday at Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

Written by Nancy Gohring10 June 10 03:20

Search marketers consider optimizing for Bing

Once Google cornered the bulk of the search market, many search marketers stopped optimizing their sites for other engines, but that could change when the Bing-Yahoo integration happens, experts speaking at Search Marketing Expo said.

Written by Nancy Gohring09 June 10 06:01

HTC acquires mobile software company

HTC acquired a French company that makes software used by operators and phone makers to design mobile phone home screens.

Written by Nancy Gohring08 June 10 03:09

Palm UI VP defects to Google

Matias Duarte, formerly vice president of human interface and user experience at Palm, has left to take a job with Google, marking one of the first defections since Hewlett-Packard announced plans to buy the struggling phone maker.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 May 10 10:49

Microsoft departures shake up entertainment group

Two longtime Microsoft Entertainment and Devices division executives are leaving the company in a move that will give CEO Steve Ballmer more control over the group.

Written by Nancy Gohring26 May 10 05:04

Yahoo, Nokia tie up for chat, mail and maps

Yahoo Mail and Messenger will power Nokia's mobile mail and chat services starting later this year, the companies said during a press conference on Monday.

Written by Nancy Gohring25 May 10 05:26

Novell to solicit buyout offers this week, report says

Novell, which turned down a US$2 billion takeover bid in March, plans to start entertaining offers from other suitors this week, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 May 10 09:26