Stories by Nancy Gohring

Carrier IQ Hopes to Allay Users' Privacy Concerns

Carrier IQ executives said they hope that customers are once again recognizing the value of the data that their company's software collects, after some operators disabled the software following a privacy uproar late last year.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 March 12 21:07

Motorola to offer phones with VMware hypervisor, too

Motorola Mobility has joined LG and Samsung among the companies building VMware's hypervisor into their phones. The move is part of a larger push at Motorola to cater to business users.

Written by Nancy Gohring06 March 12 11:48

Windows 8 on ARM on track, Microsoft says

Anyone can take Windows 8 for a spin now that Microsoft has launched the so-called "consumer preview" version of the software at an event in Barcelona on Wednesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring01 March 12 03:49

Nokia focuses on appealing to developers

Nokia pitched its Windows Phones as the best bet for operators and app developers, and to prove it, announced partnerships for new apps with brands including Michelin Travel, Red Bull, Kraft Foods and others.

Written by Nancy Gohring29 Feb. 12 21:12

Google once considered issuing currency

Google once considered issuing its own currency, to be called Google Bucks, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said on stage in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress Tuesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring29 Feb. 12 05:52

Fixmo will block corporate apps on compromised mobiles

Fixmo, a company that started out developing tools for the U.S. National Security Agency, is offering a new product that will automatically shut down corporate applications on compromised iOS and Android devices.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Feb. 12 01:28

Carrier IQ hopes customers will come back after scandal

Carrier IQ said it hopes that operators, some of which have disabled its software after a privacy uproar late last year, are now realizing how valuable the data its software collects is.

Written by Nancy Gohring28 Feb. 12 00:03