Stories by Jarina D'Auria

The cloud takes many forms

When putting your systems in the cloud, a few options are available depending on exactly what you want to put there and for how long. Although each vendor offers essentially the same service — a place to move your computing efforts away from your own infrastructure — they break down the pricing in a number of ways. Make sure you take into account your specific needs to find which cloud suits your company best.

Written by Jarina D'Auria06 July 09 09:28

How the Marine Corps matched spending to performance

Managers for the Marine Corps Headquarters Command, Control, Communication and Computers (C4) office weren't sure they were getting the most out of the money they were spending on contractors. The group, which oversees IT for the Marine Corps, needed a performance measurement system, recounts Col. Ronald Zich. In 2006, C4 adopted Earned Value Management (EVM), a project management methodology that maps spending to performance.

Written by Jarina D'Auria12 June 09 06:23

How CIOs Control IT Costs

Call it the CIO's dilemma: As IT leaders cut budgets in response to rising economic pressures, some find they must also deal with a spike in demand for IT services by their end users.

Written by Jarina D'Auria30 April 09 09:58

Five lessons learned about computer security

Reformed hacker-turned-security-consultant Kevin Mitnick served five years in federal prison for breaking into phone and software company networks. He talks about his past hacking exploits, computer security, and how he turned an illegal hobby into a useful career.

Written by Jarina D'Auria16 July 08 11:15