Stories by N Dean Myer

The Accountability Trap

Accountability without authority is a recipe for failure. Here's how to make sure it doesn't happen to you

Written by N Dean Myer09 July 08 11:39

Project Team Best Practices

CIOs who can deliver projects on time, on budget and as advertised are valued members of any enterprise executive team. Here are some of the key elements to successful project delivery.

Written by N Dean Myer10 April 08 13:39

The Secret to Successful Project Teams

It doesn't take a project management guru to manage complex projects. Instead, give responsibility to the people who know best how to do the work

Written by N Dean Myer01 April 08 12:17

Understanding the Project Management Office

Excellence in project management is essential, but PMOs can do as much harm as good. Here we examine the fundamentals and scope a proper role for a PMO

Written by N Dean Myer05 Feb. 08 12:59

Top Management Support

"Top management support!" Everybody who's selling a new method or system says that this is the key to success. As your monthly curmudgeon, I say that if you have to ask for it, you don't deserve it.

Written by N Dean Myer28 March 07 12:11

Partners in the Business

IT departments are no longer order-takers, so naturally being "partners in the business" sounds great. But what does that really mean?

Written by N Dean Myer12 Dec. 05 13:36