Stories by Jennifer Baker

Throwing away your old computer just got harder in Europe

New rules on disposing of your old laptop, printer or mobile phone look set to come into force in the European Union. The European Parliament on Thursday voted to pass stricter laws on how the bloc deals with electronic and electrical equipment waste.

Written by Jennifer Baker04 Feb. 11 02:39

European Commission wants personal data on air passengers

If the European Commission has its way, all air travelers regardless of nationality will have to give their personal details to national authorities when they fly in or out of the European Union.

Written by Jennifer Baker03 Feb. 11 03:26

EU struggles with online consumer rights

European legislators are struggling to create a law that will protect consumers when they buy online services or content.

Written by Jennifer Baker02 Feb. 11 00:44

Alleged EU talks could lead to strict punishment for piracy

The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) has lashed out at the European Commission over allegations that the Commission has been holding "secret talks" on intellectual property rights with ISPs.

Written by Jennifer Baker01 Feb. 11 04:11

Retaining data does not help fight crime, says group

Retaining telecommunications data is no help in fighting crime, according to a study of German police statistics, released Thursday. Indeed, it could even make matters worse, according to a civil liberties group.

Written by Jennifer Baker28 Jan. 11 04:17

EU clears Intel's purchase of McAfee

The European Union's competition authorities have cleared Intel's proposed acquisition of McAfee subject to certain conditions.

Written by Jennifer Baker27 Jan. 11 04:44

EU seeks to establish guidelines for CIOs

Questionnaires will be sent out to CIOs around Europe in the coming weeks as research funded by the European Commission seeks to set out guidelines for IT best practice.

Written by Jennifer Baker26 Jan. 11 23:28

Parental control programs perform poorly with Web 2.0 sites

A survey by the European Commission has found that parental control programs aimed at keeping children safe online do not function well with Web 2.0 sites, smartphones or games consoles.

Written by Jennifer Baker14 Jan. 11 05:44

European Commission challenges Google Books

The European Commission is set to take on Google Books. The latest report on the Commission's Europeana project, released on Monday, urges European Union member states to digitize collections held in all their libraries, archives and museums.

Written by Jennifer Baker11 Jan. 11 11:36

European Parliament considers Web blocking

Members of the European Parliament Monday prepared their position on whether mandatory E.U.-wide Web blocking of certain sites should be introduced, prompting concern from digital rights groups.

Written by Jennifer Baker11 Jan. 11 03:40