Stories by Jennifer Baker

Secrecy continues over banking data transferred to US by EU

Details regarding the amount of private banking data being sent from the European Union to the U.S. Treasury Department are not forthcoming, raising concerns among European parliamentarians.

Written by Jennifer Baker04 March 11 06:11

EU raids digital book sellers in cartel investigation

The European Union’s competition regulators carried out unannounced inspections into various companies that sell digital books on Tuesday on suspicion of operating a cartel and engaging in other banned business practices.

Written by Jennifer Baker02 March 11 21:56

IT companies lead the field in e-procurement take-up in EU

Take-up of e-procurement in the European Union remains stubbornly low despite efforts by authorities to make it more easily available and useable, although IT companies are among the first adopters.

Written by Jennifer Baker25 Feb. 11 01:50

EU refuses to reveal bank data transfers to US

The European Commission and Europol have once again refused to reveal any information about how the Terrorist Finance Tracking Agreement between the European Union and the U.S. is working six months after it came into force.

Written by Jennifer Baker24 Feb. 11 02:43

Google faces another antitrust complaint in Europe

French company 1plusV has accused Google of stopping smaller competitors from generating advertising revenue by abusing its dominant position in the search market. The company said it made the allegations in a complaint filed with European Union antitrust authorities on Tuesday.

Written by Jennifer Baker22 Feb. 11 23:34

EU warns UK to change two non-resident company tax laws

The European Union has told the U.K. to change two pieces of tax legislation on the transfer of assets to non-U.K. resident companies or further action may be taken to force compliance.

Written by Jennifer Baker18 Feb. 11 03:14

EU reps side with Internet rights on child porn blocking

A European Parliament decision on Monday to remove child pornography images at the source rather than promote Web blocking has been hailed as a success by Internet rights activists.

Written by Jennifer Baker16 Feb. 11 02:50

EU to consider new plans to reduce roaming phone charges

The European Commission will have to consider radical new measures to reduce the cost of mobile roaming charges after almost all respondents to its consultation said prices were unfair.

Written by Jennifer Baker15 Feb. 11 01:31

EU Parliament warned to wait for ruling on patent law

The European Parliament has been asked to wait for a landmark ruling from the European Court of Justice before voting on a single-patent system for Europe that organizations fear could hurt software companies.

Written by Jennifer Baker11 Feb. 11 04:31

Industry trumps regulation in meeting phone users' needs

Europe's first common mobile phone charger was revealed on Tuesday. Gone are the days of running out of battery charge when none of your colleagues have the same make of phone as you, or the hotel doesn't have your brand's charger.

Written by Jennifer Baker09 Feb. 11 03:27