Stories by Jennifer Baker

ICANN's cosy relationship with the US must end, says EU

The exclusive relationship of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) with the U.S. must end said the European Union’s digital agenda chief on Wednesday.

Written by Jennifer Baker12 Feb. 14 12:10

EU politicians split over digital copyright levies

Proposals to place copyright levies on cloud computing services have divided opinion following an important vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

Written by Jennifer Baker11 Feb. 14 17:20

Confusion over EU data protection watchdog resolved

The European Union’s data protection tzar has committed to staying on the job for until October 2014 ending uncertainty after no suitable replacement could be found.

Written by Jennifer Baker27 Jan. 14 15:16

Europe faces data protection vacancy

Europe could be without a data protection tzar from next week as none of the candidates applying for the job are suitably qualified.

Written by Jennifer Baker08 Jan. 14 15:41

Snowden speech to EU parliament could torpedo US trade talks

The head of the White House’s intelligence committee warned the European Parliament on Tuesday that inviting whistleblower Edward Snowden to address them could torpedo a transatlantic trade agreement worth more than €2 billion a year.

Written by Jennifer Baker17 Dec. 13 16:32

SAP co-CEO to influence EU Internet taxation rules

The head of SAP has been appointed to a top European Union group tasked with coming up with new ways to tax the digital economy it was announced on Thursday.

Written by Jennifer Baker12 Dec. 13 18:55