Stories by Jennifer Baker

European net neutrality law clears committee hurdle

Telecommunication operators are closer to losing lucrative roaming revenue after the European Parliament's industry committee approved a contentious package of legislation Tuesday that also establishes net neutrality.

Written by Jennifer Baker18 March 14 13:10

How to avoid a €100 million data fine in Europe

A new law approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday aimed at protecting citizens’ privacy comes with sweeping penalties for breaches - up to €100 million or 5 percent of global annual turnover, whichever is larger.

Written by Jennifer Baker13 March 14 16:41

Europe approves new data protection law

The right to data protection was underlined by European politicians on Wednesday as the European Parliament voted by a huge majority in favour of new laws safeguarding citizens rights.

Written by Jennifer Baker12 March 14 12:31

Is Apple running out of ideas in Europe?

The figures released by the European Patent Office (EPO) on Thursday paint a grim picture of the European Union IT sector, but it also showed that some of the so-called global tech giants are not leading the way in innovation.

Written by Jennifer Baker06 March 14 18:17

EU could extend copyright levies to cloud services

Controversial rules to maintain copyright levies on mobile devices and potentially extend them to cloud services were passed by the European Parliament on Thursday.

Written by Jennifer Baker27 Feb. 14 19:24

Simplified law may boost online sales in the EU

Online businesses will have easier access to the European Union’s 507 million consumers thanks to a new law passed by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Written by Jennifer Baker26 Feb. 14 15:07