Stories by Stacy Collett

Sizing up open source: Not so simple

Choosing open-source software is more complicated than picking traditional software. Is your IT department prepared to contribute code fixes to the community?

Written by Stacy Collett06 May 13 10:09

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Vince Campisi

Internet technology already allows consumers to remotely monitor their homes and start their cars using smartphones. At General Electric, Vince Campisi has been instrumental in taking remote sensoring and monitoring technology to the even bigger, untapped market of heavy industry.

Written by Stacy Collett25 Feb. 13 16:23

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Marlo Donate

Three years ago, Marlo Donate lit a fire under Toyota Financial Services, a traditionally conservative, risk-averse company that often took two years to bring a new idea to market. She challenged the group to get up to speed with its competitors.

Written by Stacy Collett25 Feb. 13 16:17

Premier 100 IT Leader: Monique Shivanandan

Monique Shivanandan keeps Capital One on the leading edge. As senior vice president and chief technology officer, she leads the company's innovation lab, which she launched in 2010. The lab, made up of 20 developers and product managers in San Francisco and Washington, brings together all sides of the business, as well as partners in the start-up and university realms, to bring new ideas to market fast.

Written by Stacy Collett25 Feb. 13 15:51

Premier 100 IT Leader: Denise L. Stephens

At the Idaho National Laboratory, competitive advantage means providing technology that can enhance the quality of research and garner an edge in the global energy race.

Written by Stacy Collett25 Feb. 13 15:49

Ready, set, compete: The benefits of IT innovation

Welcome to 2013. As IT budgets loosen up and new projects get queued up, IT is learning to quickly tap into creative ideas for competitive advantage in a cutthroat marketplace.

Written by Stacy Collett14 Jan. 13 11:04

How to talk security so people will listen (and comply!)

Sure you want users to comply with security edicts, but would you phish your own employees or share your company's hack history? At least some CIOs say yes. Insider (registration required)

Written by Stacy Collett03 Jan. 13 13:04

Storage systems get supersized

Old storage architectures with general-purpose controllers that service all the new functions along with the normal I/O workload won't be able to scale. Here's why storage systems will need to become full-scale storage computers. Insider (registration required)

Written by Stacy Collett08 Oct. 12 15:24

Forecast 2013: Giving top technologies a beta test

Restaurant tabs paid by phone without showing a credit card. Advice on personnel issues available to managers on mobile phones. College students' lab work done at home through virtualized software. These are just some of the hot projects that IT shops are working on.

Written by Stacy Collett24 Sept. 12 14:24

Wide-Open Search

Twitter, Facebook, the Library of Congress -- all of these institutions have mind-numbing amounts of structured and unstructured data that must be indexed and searched quickly. In Twitter's case, that's about 300 million new pieces of information to index every day.

Written by Stacy Collett07 May 12 20:11

Techies work harder as benefits go bust

"Richard," a 40-year-old IT architect, felt like his career path had reached its end at the financial services company where he'd worked for seven years. In a shaky economy, he was grateful to have a job at all, but when his employer eliminated matching funds in his 401(k) plan, as well as its profit-sharing program -- which usually put an extra $1,000 in his pocket each year -- he knew he had to go.

Written by Stacy Collett10 April 12 00:42