Stories by Tom Sullivan

Google enhances and open sources its Update software

Google has both refreshed and open sourced its Google Update software, which is code-named Omaha. By making the software available under the open source Apache license, developers working on an auto-updater can use Google's code, which also enables Google to publish updates and plug security holes.

Written by Tom Sullivan16 April 09 07:51

Nick Carr: The ways cloud computing will disrupt IT

Whether you prefer the term "utility computing" or "the cloud," the industry is headed in that direction, however slowly, and the transition will have a multifaceted impact on IT in some ways productive, others unpleasant. And it will strike to the heart of the very technology professionals who provide a significant chunk of what is today's enterprise IT.

Written by Tom Sullivan26 March 09 08:35

A SaaS app that's free unless it delivers value

Imagine an application that you don't have to pay a penny for unless it provides measurable value to your company -- and it's up to the vendor to prove that. IT shops the world over would be a lot better off, though the entire class of enterprise applications vendors would be in dire straits if they ever made such a claim. But eGain promises just that.

Written by Tom Sullivan11 March 09 08:36

Gartner's 5 predictions for BI in 2009 and beyond

Through 2012 more than 35 percent of the largest 5,000 companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets, according to analyst house Gartner.

Written by Tom Sullivan19 Jan. 09 09:39

Google unwraps Apps partner program

Google on Wednesday detailed a new program under which resellers can now offer Google Apps to businesses -- effectively meaning that companies considering the alternative to Microsoft Office don't have to go it alone. But the search giant has yet to prove its strength in supporting a partner ecosystem that could bring enterprises much needed assurances.

Written by Tom Sullivan16 Jan. 09 09:39

IBM garners most patents -- again

IBM on Wednesday announced that it has become the first company to earn more than 4000 patents in a single year, and also said it will ratchet up the number of technical innovations it publishes instead of seeking patent protection.

Written by Tom Sullivan15 Jan. 09 05:14