Stories by Andy Hayler

A bit of discipline required

Andy Hayler is puzzled by the lack of rigour in applying metrics to the value of projects, and offers a simple guide to basic cost justification.

Written by Andy Hayler16 Dec. 08 10:46

The Innovation Game

IT is an industry almost synonymous with innovation, yet it seems to me that few examples of this are to be found in enterprise software these days. The rise of the internet has enabled all kinds of new companies to appear, sometimes, as in the case of Facebook, creating great wealth in a remarkably short time.

Written by Andy Hayler01 Sept. 08 15:17

A Balanced Relationship With Vendors Helps

I have a slightly unusual background in that I spent much of my time on the end-user side of the fence before setting up as a software vendor. The gulf between the vendor and the enterprise buying community can be seen by the term which software vendors use for their customers: "users". There is only one other industry that I am aware of that names its customers in the same way, and that is the narcotics industry.

Written by Andy Hayler05 Aug. 08 14:47

When Negotiating a Software Deal, Information Is Key

For much of my career, I was involved with selecting and assessing software vendors and was often involved with the procurement of software. Later, I went over to the dark side and set up a software vendor, so I have been on both sides of the procurement fence. This has given me perspective on some of the things to do, and not do, during the process of buying enterprise software.

Written by Andy Hayler16 May 08 15:21