Stories by Jeff Caruso

Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Much has changed since we examined the <a href="">ongoing war</a> between Facebook and <a href="">Twitter</a> in the spring of 2010. The stakes are higher, the competition has increased, and we see LinkedIn and Google roaring into the social networking arena like never before.

Written by Jeff Caruso02 Nov. 11 21:34

IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS

Several different flavors have sprung up in <a href="">cloud computing</a> and each has their pros and cons. Add to these the plethora of vendor-created acronyms and it can be confusing to figure out the best option.

Written by Jeff Caruso02 Nov. 11 21:34

Cisco's moment of truth

Cisco achieved a milestone in its most recent fiscal quarter, one with profound implications for the future of the company: Cisco made more money from its new products and services than it did from routers and switches.

Written by Jeff Caruso21 Feb. 11 16:49

Just for Valentine's Day: Geekiest marriage proposals of all time

They say there's a lid for every pot. And when a geek has found his lid, there comes a time when he wants to take a soldering iron to it and make sure it's not going anywhere. But a true geek can't just hide a ring in the dessert and get down on one knee. Oh, no. He must pop the question with creativity and flair, to make it as memorable as possible for his geek princess in the only ways a geek knows how. And these days, that means he might just have to do a bit of coding. Read on for some of the geekiest marriage proposals ever.

Written by Jeff Caruso10 Feb. 11 10:00

HP OpenView finds strength in numbers

In an effort to give IT managers a more complete view of their enterprise networks, Hewlett-Packard Co. this week will combine its operations and performance management tools, and add new automated functions into the mix.

Written by Jeff Caruso07 Feb. 00 12:01