Stories by Bill Martorelli

How to re-evaluate outsourcing contracts best practices

Contract terms for outsourcing continue to change with the times, at least at the margins. The body of contractual best practices changes little in regard to specific terms available for governing outsourcing transactions, but their relative importance can shift in response to both ongoing and emerging risks.

Written by Bill Martorelli12 Nov. 11 05:37

How to overcome the challenges of multi-sourcing

Why should sourcing professionals embrace multi-sourcing approaches? There are several key reasons, including exerting competitive pressure over suppliers, gaining access to specialised skills, and compelling better performance from providers. Of course, using multiple providers is nothing new, but taking a systematic approach to multi-sourcing governance is. However, before embarking down this road, there are several factors sourcing professionals need to consider, which when combined, present challenges in achieving multi-sourcing success:

Written by Bill Martorelli04 April 11 11:08

Offshore Contract Tactics to Protect Against Threats

In the wake of events such as the admission of fraud by Satyam's CEO and recent terrorist attacks, sourcing professionals have been forced to consider whether they really enjoy the protections they thought they had already established contractually with their providers.

Written by Bill Martorelli11 May 09 09:40