Stories by Scott Kirsner

IM is Here. RU Prepared?

Instant messaging software isn't just for teenagers. Businesses that adopt it foster speedy communication and collaboration.

Written by Scott Kirsner08 March 02 10:00

Home Page Improvement

Ten resolutions that will wring more results from your Web site.

Written by Scott Kirsner06 Feb. 02 11:11

The Culture of Collaboration

The biggest challenge of getting employees to work together online isn't a technological problem - it's a cultural and organisational one.

Written by Scott Kirsner14 Dec. 01 11:01

Intranet Marketing 101

Building an intranet is one thing. Getting people to use it is another.

Written by Scott Kirsner14 June 00 09:34

Kamikaze Commerce

After a few years of playing nice, competitors are starting to get rough

Written by Scott Kirsner11 Oct. 99 09:14

The Dirty Dozen

If you're guilty of these pet peeves, you could be ticking off users

Written by Scott Kirsner06 Oct. 99 13:17

Complex Commerce

Are you ready for the next generation of online selling?

Written by Scott Kirsner11 Aug. 99 16:42

The Bots Are Back

Bots are back. after a slow start, a new generation of Web intelligent agents-tools that help buyers evaluate products from a diverse set of merchants-is emerging. That's great news for merchant sites that understand how to work with bots, bad news for those that blindly decide to block them.

Written by Scott Kirsner12 May 99 14:29

International Intrigue

Can United Nations delegates spread the Y2K gospel in their countries soon enough?

Written by Scott Kirsner08 March 99 12:14

ISSUES AT LARGE - The Ripple Effect, Y2k and the supply chain

No One's Immune to Compliance Problems. Congratulations.You've readied all your internal systems for the coming millennium. You've tested everything and, compared with the rest of your industry, you feel confident that you're well ahead of the curve.

Written by Scott Kirsner30 Nov. 98 14:44

War Games

Attacking the millennium bug calls for a prudent battle plan

Written by Scott Kirsner28 July 98 14:28